This is me when no ones watching
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Who are you?

The smell of autumn rain at dawn, 

The lemonade stand out on your lawn. 

The days you get a single rush, 

That allows you to achieve so much. 

The pain, and sorrow, and joy, and fear.

The laughter, the heartache, the lies, the tears. 

The pink snow globe that sits on my mantle,

The days I just can’t seem to handle. 

The flowers that blossom in early spring, 

That remind you what all this pain can bring.

The friends who care and love you so much,

The stars that shine bright after dusk.

The long relaxing midnight showers, 

The breaking news that makes you cower. 

The relationships you need to mend,

The ones that are worth it even when they end.

The lattes that i get before school,

The steaks dad makes that make me drool.

The walks on the beach in the island sun, 

The hard and cold winter runs. 

The cuts on my wrists that dull the pain, 

The same relief i get from rain.

The emptiness from a loved ones death,

The simple smell of puppy breath.

The movies you can watch over and over,

Finding a lucky four leaf clover.

Roasting marshmallows on the fire, 

sixth grade singing in the choir.

The nights you just cant seem to sleep, 

The movies that will make you weep.

Mojitos made with mint and lime,

Trying to get this poem to rhyme. 

The feeling you get when he holds your hand, 

Making castles in the sand. 

Being the first to jump in the water, 

Being the youngest of three daughters. 

The long relaxing talks with Mom,

The bat cave thats at the ROM. 

The feelings that over power me,

That are simply fixed with a cup of tea.

Daisy’s growing in the wild, 

The innocence of a newborn child. 

The stupid fights fuelled by gin, 

The silly things that make me grin. 

The penguin that sits on my bed,

All the books I never read.

The snow that falls in the night,

The times you need to make things right. 

Breaking up on valentines day, 

The times I wished that you had stayed. 

Losing my innocence much to young, 

The toxic smoke that fills my lungs. 

The giant tree thats in my yard, 

The memories before my wrists were scarred. 

The things that will die along with me, 

All the things that I could be. 

The anticipation of our first kiss, 

These are the things that I will miss.